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Christopher Crocker is President and Trainer of Crocker Racing Stable Inc.
Crocker has developed a formula for maximizing profits and minimizing risk in thoroughbred horse racing. Crocker has implemented his strategies into a thoroughbred horse racing partnership. No where else will you find this comprehensive, fast track program to the winner's circle. Learn how you can get in on this unique program with little investment. No other program offers such a low risk program to the public.
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No waiting one or more years for horses to race.
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Horse Racing Glossary

Allowance Race
A non-claiming race in which a horse is entered according to eligibility and weight is assigned based on money earned, the number and/or type of races it has won.
A Other Than
In an allowance race this means, "A race other than"... Usually other than maiden, claiming, starter or hunt meet.
A person who puts shoes on horse's feet (farrier).

A female horse in foal or used for breeding.

Claiming Race
A race in which each horse that starts can be purchased for a predetermined amount of money. Horses must start the race to be claimed but not necessarily finish. Once the gate opens, he is for sale.
The level of quality and difficulty of a race. A horse's class is its ability to be competitive with good horses.
Coming from behind late in a race. Lays off of the pace.
A male thoroughbred 4 years old and under.
Parameters in which a horse may be eligible for a certain race.

The shape and design of a thoroughbred’s body.

The mother of a thoroughbred.
A person who puts shoes on a horse (blacksmith).
The condition of a dirt track when it is dry and even.
The horses in a race.
A female thoroughbred 4 years old and under.
The condition of a turf track when it is dry and shallow.
A horse which is still nursing from it's mother in the first year of life.
Intervals of time taken in a race. Usually 1/4, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, 1 mile to the finish.
One-eighth of a mile.
A castrated male horse.
The condition of a dirt or turf track when it has some moisture but maintains an even, firm surface.
Transporting the horse.
A male horse 5 years old or older that has not been castrated.
In foal
A pregnant broodmare.
A distance equal to 1/5 of a second and the length of a horse's body.
A race horse who has never won.
A female horse 5 years or older.
The condition of a dirt track when it is soaked with water.
This allowance condition means, "Never Won One Race Other Than"... Usually other than maiden, claiming, starter or hunt meet.
Optional Claimer
A race in which a thoroughbred may enter either under the Allowance conditions stated or for the designated claiming price.
When a horse finishes second.
Amount of money disbursed to the top finishers of a race.
A race of a mile or more.
When a horse finishes third.
The father of a horse.
The condition of a dirt track when it is super saturated and may have standing water on the surface.
The condition of a turf track when it has absorbed enough water that the surface is spongy.
Horse is good physical condition to run.
The physical condition of a horse.
Speed Horse
A race horse that prefers racing in front of other runners at a fast early pace.
A race less than a mile.
Stakes Race
The most prestigious races for a large purse. Added money race that may require nomination, entry and starting fees.
A male horse used for breeding.
A thoroughbred that races off of the pace.
Starter Allowance
An allowance race in which a thoroughbred may enter only if it has run in a recent claiming race at or below a designated claiming price.
The price a horse may be claimed for.
Turf Race
A race on grass.
The difference from average time for races of the same distance by the same class horses at the same track on different days, due to weather and track condition.
A foal that is less than 1 year old and no longer nursing from the mare.
You will see an x in the condition listed on the racing form. This abbreviates a condition which is too long to write out for purposed of space on the form.
A 1 year old horse.
The condition of a turf track when it has taken enough water that the surface is very soft.
What do the different races mean?

Maiden Races

A maiden race is a class for horses who have never won a race. There are Maiden Claiming Races and Maiden Special Weight Races.

Claiming Races

A claiming race is a race in which when you enter a horse for a specific price or "tag", he may be purchased or "claimed" for that price.

Maiden Special Weight (MSW) Races

These are races in which your horse who has not won a race and saddles an equal weight to the rest of the field.

Maiden Claiming Races

Maiden Claiming Races are simply claiming races for maidens or horses who have never won a race.

Allowance Races

In an allowance class, the weight that an individual horse carries is assigned by the track’s racing secretary. Specific weight allowances are given to horses based on career statistics. Some will carry more or less weight than each other in the race. Allowance races are distinguished by entry conditions which restrict the race to horses which haven’t won more than a certain number of races. Horses generally compete only against other horses who have won the same number of allowance races. You will hear the term "A other than" (NW1x) or "never won 2 other than" (NW2x) or NW3x. The number means number of races. The x means to qualify for this race, the number of wins that a horse has won at the maiden, claiming, starter allowance or hunt meet level are not considered. There are also allowance, have not won certain number of races, lifetime (NW?). The "?" would be a number representing number of races the horse has not won.

Starter Allowance Races

Starter Allowance races are races in which a horse's eligibility is bases on the past races in which the horse has started. For example, a $10,000 Starter Allowance race means a horse is eligible if he has started for a claiming price of 10,000 or less in the past year or whatever stated in the description of the race. Starter Allowance race can be written many ways by the racing secretary but usually is a race where horses that have been running for a claiming price have a chance of running without a tag.

Stakes Races

The big races, the races usually broadcasted on television, are called stakes races (sweepstakes). Owners pay a nomination fee, an entry fee and a starting fee at the time of entry. The "added money" comes from these fees and is added to the purse money. Breeders bonuses are sometimes available as well from the state in which the horse is registered.

Thoroughbred racing in United States and Canada distributed almost a billion dollars in purses in recent years. The betting contributes to the purses, through a percentage of the handle (money bet). The total annual handle in North America is about $18 billion in the past few years. Purses have more than doubled in 15 years , but the number of races has declined. The average purse per race and the average earnings per horse has increased. So this means now one of the best times for owning racehorses ever!

Partnership Options Exclusively offered by Crocker Racing Stable

Class A Partnerships

In a Class A partnership, a single investor can buy one or more shares of a single horse or a group of horses. Generally the shares will be divided by 100. This type of partnership will operate much like a stock. The managing partner will act as a broker. The initial cost of the horse and the training fees plus veterinarian care is divided among the share holders. The trainer, in most cases, will retain %20, or 20 shares, in the horse and will retain the right to make final decisions regarding, but not limited to, races and jockeys.

Class B Partnerships

This program was designed to allow you to get in and out without getting "stuck" or totally invested in a single animal. Of course, if this single horse is making money for the partnership then he will stay as long as he is earning if you choose. In most cases, the horse will have been sold or claimed before the end of program. This is because Class B partnerships usually deals with claiming horses. This may not always be the case. If the partners wants to continue on with a new horse then the program will start over as if you were buying in for the first time. A partner may renew or purchase additional shares to sponsor another horse or more shares in the same horse if the horse is still available. The short term also allows the partnership to evaluate the horse's value based on earnings and start over fresh with a new horse if decided. During the program, a horse may be claimed or sold privately and the earnings will be divided among the partners. The purse earnings can be looked at a bit like paying out dividends. The partner will receive credit or a check when the horse earns money based on the number of shares he or she owns. Class B partners give sole discretion to the trainer and/or managing partner regarding the races, jockeys and general care of the horse. Remember, everyone involved is doing what is best for the partnership to be profitable. The trainer only earns money based on the horse's earnings. His success will be your success. When a horse loses a race, the trainer loses more on a single day than the owner does. Not to mention, lowered stats and a bruised ego. Your trainer will enter your horse where he can win, not where he is a long shot.

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